Thursday, October 23, 2008

You can only be a Washington, DC outsider for so long

Lots of talk about the inside D.C. politics makes me feel like I'm the enemy, and I've just been living here minding my own business. Lately, all this "pro-America" talk makes me wonder if I'm living in the "anti-America" part of the country. You know, because I live near lobbyists, politicians, and the homeless. I walk to work and take mass transit rather than on my four-wheeler. I have never killed something and then eaten it.

But all this talk had made me wonder, and apparently someone else too: what would Sarah Palin do here? Would she hang out in southern Virginia, because NoVa is "not real Virginia"? The other blog says she would eat out at Fuddruckers (which I can totally's "real" American food) but doesn't give many other suggestions.

Would she continue to shop on the RNC dollar? Would her kids be allowed out of the White House into the big, scary world? Where will Bristol Palin have her baby?

It's a little hard to imagine the Palin family anywhere normal DCers go. Could you just imagine the entire clan at Ben's Chili Bowl?

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