Sunday, October 19, 2008

Media Matters for America is super peeved

I wrote earlier about John McCain's visit to Letterman, saying, "At least he mentioned Gordon Libby on par with William Ayers."

This is something the non-profit research center Media Matters for America has been frothing about for a while. They monitor media, listening for misinformation that forwards the conservative agenda. They are excited that someone in the mainstream media finally mentioned Gordan Libby. They are only a bit weepy that it was a late night talk show host.

They write, "For years, political professionals, academics, and media watchdogs have lamented the fact that some Americans get their news from late-night comedians and other entertainment. As it turns out, that might be a good thing."

They are basically writing against the Neil Postman argument that news should not be entertaining. And while sensationalist news about the latest missing white woman. However, also from Media Matters, people who watch The Daily Show are pretty informed when it comes to current events. The idea is that in order to understand a joke about a current event, you have to have a pretty thorough understanding of it.

So basically, yay for fun media! We don't have to sit through the evening news after all!

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