Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear Marion, Illinois: You lose either way

This, I imagine, is posted on Route 13 either to or from Carbondale. Marion, Illinois, is typically conservative. I know, I grew up near it. So imagine my surprise when the Wonkette both name checks the town and knows that it is several hundred miles from Chicago (and from Bill Ayers).

The funny thing is that Marion loses either way. If he isn't elected president, he's still one of their senators. So suck on that, Marion!

In other news in Illinois politics, everyone hates Rod Blagojevich. Everyone. The man has a worse approval rating than President Bush. No one dared to give him the slightest positive rating. For serious. Judy Barr Topinka must feel really bad about herself, because she lost to the most hated current governor in the United States.

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