Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cookie Monster Cupcake

My boyfriend sent this to me. Excellent. If the cupcake doesn't remind you of your childhood, the Cookie Monster will.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Please Don't Divorce Us Video

From DCist:

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

The 25 things about me Facebook Meme

Random shit about me:

1. I kept a detailed journal between the time I was 14 and 20. Its excruciating to look at now. Thanks to password protecting and computers, this never "fell into the wrong hands" or embarrassed me in front of people.
2. My favorite band is Blur. My senior year of high school, I had five dreams about them in some capacity.
3. I am a great re-reader of books. I have read the Little House on the Prairie series at least 30 times. I have read the first Harry Potter at least 20 times. I have read Wicked at least 15 times.
4. To my sisters: I didn't spill the paint. For serious.
5. I stopped watching Power Rangers when I was ten but began again when I was 13 because one of the Rangers (Zane who was from another planet) was gorgeous. Probably my most embarrassing crush ever.
6. I moved to DC with many of my friends assuming I was going to be staying in Illinois. Anyone who didn't talk to me May-August 2008 has been a little shocked.
7. When I was five, I got really sick with kidney problems. My teacher thought that my parents were going through a divorce and that's why I constantly ran a fever. She was only eight years off.
8. Before I shower, I have to brush my teeth. It feels gross to have one part of me dirty while the rest is clean.
9. I have played video games since I was three. To me, there's nothing like a good day of playing The Sims, Zelda, or Animal Crossing.
10. I started this blog because I was jealous of my boyfriend, Dan's blog. He deleted his. Mine has (embarrassingly) lived on.
11. Most of the things that are cool about my cat, his name (Captive Willy) and the fact that he fetches, were bestowed upon him by roommates.
12. I talk in my sleep. The first time I heard this, a friends mom told me I was shouting in my sleep, counting down in a low voice, and then shouting, "No, no please! Don't! I'll be good!" My parents used to count down to the time they would spank me and my sisters if we were still upstairs at number one.
13. When I was five, on the way home my dad and I would stop to get orange sherbet cones from McDonalds. Halfway through, mine would be melting all over my hands and we would switch cones. McDonalds doesn't have orange sherbet anymore.
14. I gain weight when I am relatively happy and lose weight when I am depressed. I do not "eat my sadness".
15. My new year's resolution was to not reread any book this year. So far, so good.
16. My favorite movie is Me and You and Everyone We Know
17. Teevee shows I am current on: Psych, Bones, Medium, Battlestar Galactica, The Office, 30 Rock, Ghost Whisperer, Lost and Grey's Anatomy. Yes, this embarrasses me too.
18. Google Reader has revolutionized my life.
19. I am a huge Dr. Pepper addict. I promote the drink so much that the company should start paying me a yearly salary. I mean it. If you are with Dr Pepper PR, lets talk.
20. I can't remember the funniest joke I ever made, and neither can the person I told it to. I can tell you when and where it happened: Prom Night, senior year, in my friend Amina's room. This would be the time I would go to if I could travel through time.
21. I wish I could draw well. Or had good handwriting.
22. My parents are younger than Barack Obama but their youngest child is six years older than their oldest.
23. I hold long, intense grudges.
24. I am afraid of heights, mostly because when I am going down stairs or near a ledge, all I can picture is me falling, over and over and over again. Its an unpleasant experience to imagine yourself getting hurt all because you are up high.
25. Things I miss about home: my friends, my family, Dos Reales, Quatros, Makanda, Blue Sky Winery, Turbocat, and DON TACO.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't read three books at once

I am, for no good reason, reading three books at once.

It began with Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Every good Democrat is reading it nowadays. And it is quite excellent.

But the reading goes slow because I am used to reading much more difficult things, so I began reading (on the side) Almost French by Sarah Turnbull.

She's an Australian journalist living in Paris with her boyfriend, and has trouble fitting in. Everything she does is wrong, from how much she drinks to how loud she laughs. This is a much easier read, especially if I'm reading right before I go to bed. Of all the books I am reading, this is the one closest to being done.

Team of Rivals is a heavy book and I stopped carrying it with me to work for fear of back problems. A representative for Harper Collins came by to drop off a book coming out this summer called Mortal Friends by Jane Stanton Hitchcock. Advanced Reader Copies for everyone!

Its based in Washington DC, with some of the murders by the "Beltway Basher" taking place around Dupont Circle. Its a little weak, but its an Advanced Reader Copy, so maybe some of it will be fixed. For one thing, I laughed out loud at "Beltway Basher" mostly because it is more silly than frightening. But apparently Bob Woodward has read it, and is quoted on the back as saying it is an accurate depiction of Washington high society.

And I'm only about halfway through that. Hopefully I'll finish at least once of them today...

Sales is the devil's work

I hate selling. I really do. As someone who has moderate anxiety around social situations, selling is a bit of a nightmare. You have to be forward, confident and bend over backwards helpful to close the sale. You have to relate with the customer, inform them, and lure them into your lair.

This is not to say that I am not good at it. For this week, despite only being part time, I am the sales leader of my store.

But I hate it. Usually when I'm good at something, I like it. Because I'm good at it. It is easier because I know I'm going to succeed.

Not with sales. You can have bad days. The world can have a bad day and no one wants to listen to your spiel. And you're tired too -- you might be sick and couldn't call in because retail doesn't allow for that, or have worked too much because sales jobs are not the best paying in the world.

The uncertainty is a killer. You may be praised. You may be scolded. You may do "okay" but not great.

Selling also has to do a lot with appearance. Attractive people sell more. Well dressed people sell more. Its hard (barring just wearing nicer clothes and makeup) to raise your overall attractiveness level.

Sometimes I don't feel like selling, either. I just want to sit here and talk to the customer about how addictive Twilight is, and instead I'm dragging them through a loyalty program. "If you like Twilight, which I assure you, you will, you'll have to get New Moon! That's more savings! And then Eclipse isn't coming out in paperback until May! You're going to need to buy that too!"

Its a weird time for this rant, mostly because last night I did better than I ever have. But it still sucks. Sales will suck out your soul and try to sell it at a profit. I would take a hit on my wages if it meant I didn't have to sell.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Most Popular Post - Facebook Gold Accounts Hoax

My visitor numbers have recently spiked pretty drastically. They are all going to one post- which I wrote after someone tagged me with a picture that said something to the effect of "This requires a Facebook Gold Account to view."

Rather than ask the person who tagged me what was up, I googled "Facebook Gold Account" frantically. Nothing of substance came up. I still didn't ask the person who tagged me in the suspect photo. Mostly, I didn't want to appear behind the times. Instead, I took to my blog in a "WTF???" post.

Since then the post has been edited to say, "EDIT: Just an elaborate hoax. No jumping sharks here."

It is my (tiny) contribution to the internets, I suppose. I felt like the hoax should have been over the second I knew the truth, but it seems as though most people are being secretive about this. After all, my post is the only relevant item in the first page of Google Searches.

What is the point, anyway, of creating a Facebook hoax? It caused me confusion, wondering when I had ever danced in front of a camera as the caption indicated. I even blogged about the wonder. But that was it. I didn't delete my facebook account, I didn't wonder for hours on end, and I didn't untag myself from the picture. When it was explained by the person who tagged me, she seemed almost embarrassed she had done it. So what's the point?

[Edit: What made my curiosity go away? My friend admitted that she just created an album full of "This requires a Facebook Gold Account to view" pictures and tagged a bunch of people. Hoax.]

Rewrites and other business I attend to

Okay, so I wrote a novel type thing back in November. Awesome, right? After not writing any kind of fiction for more than half a decade, I bite the bullet and go all out.

And then it sits. And sits. Nothing gets done to this novel. It sits in Google Docs, with, untampered with. I had novel guilt -- the guilt that goes with an un-rewritten novel that is mediocre.

Until yesterday. Yesterday I opened a new Google Doc. Began typing. A new beginning to a story that already has two beginnings. Clearly not what I was supposed to do, but the main characters were intact, at a party with loud music. There were no parties in the original novel. There are no cupcakes in this new beginning (or any other beginning).

I don't know how to feel about this. I am still not looking at the massive text I wrote in November, yet this feels like progress. Maybe there will be more progress.

In other news, quitting the apartment building job has been great. Last night I went to sleep at 9:30 and woke up feeling well rested.

And tomorrow is my birthday! Excellent for me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

OMG Microwave cake in a mug!

From WikiHow. OMG this looks teh awesomeness.

Superbowl: it was never about the game

I wonder how television got so lucky as to have a time period where everyone watches just to see advertising.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Nostalgia: Who remembers the sport?

All of my memories are either commercial related (see above) or nipple slip related (see below). This day is not about sports. It is about booze, food, and capitalism. And that is still pretty awesome.

Barack Obama gets Nostalgic

It sucks that you can't get a crowd shouting, "YES WE CAN!" anymore.