Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meg Cabot works harder than you do

Meg Cabot is one hard worker. For one thing, she has published three books this year that I know about. There might be another one or two that I'm not thinking of. She went on a massive book tour. She does more in a year than I did the last four.

A question was asked to another young adult writer (Laurie Halse Anderson): what if your publisher expects more of the same, but instead you have a super historical fiction coming out of your fingers? It's called genre bending and the answer was pretty much, well, your publisher freaks out. Somehow, Meg Cabot gets around this, writing historical fiction, science fiction, romance, fiction for adults, fiction for young adults, and fiction for intermediate readers.

This woman is a writing super hero. Sometimes its painful for me to imagine writing an email, and this woman is writing a book every four months!

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