Friday, January 1, 2010

End of a Decade (but I'm only acknowledging 2009)

So everybody has decided to make a list about how they feel about the decade. I am not near that level of self reflection at this moment in my life.

I was only prepared for the end of 2009. I totally forgot about the whole decade thing. Seems kind of small potatoes after a turn of a century, no?

Last year I wrote that for 2009 I was going to stop re-reading books, start reading harder books, and write more.

I did re-read almost no books. (I cheated when The Time Traveler's Wife came out -- I reread some choice scenes before I went to see the movie.)

I partially failed though. I didn't really scale back the teen fiction. The only thing that I read that was massively out of my way was The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons.

What I did accomplish at the end of the year, as a result of being flexible with my reading, is that I really like listening to podcasts. I listen to This American Life, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, and various How Stuff Works.

So -- its kind of a draw. I read a lot of stuff, but not a lot of it was far outside my comfort zone. But I did push onto podcasts (with the help of Dan!)

This year I have only two goals:

1. Continue to use the Wii Fit for at least 30 minutes three times a week. (My weight has stayed stagnant since last New Years. Really, that's better than nothing, right?)

2. Keep track of all the books I read in a spreadsheet. (This will be nice if only so I can remember exactly what I read.)

So nothing too outrageous for the new year. Good luck you with your own changes.