Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stephen King: A Kinda Sorta Love Letter

What a silly, stupid idea, right? The car is a living entity! Powered by its previous owners ghost! Chases after people and no one is driving!

Laughable, right? Except, Stephen King can make the craziest shit work. He doesn't plunge right into it, but works up to it...something is wrong with the car, and all of the characters know it, but no one knows how to say it without being crazy. Hell, they don't know how to think it without being crazy.

Its a conversation that Dan and I have over and over: its hard to make a good Stephen King adaptation, because he injects a creepiness into his storytelling that is actually difficult to do with film. Its easier, in a book narrative, to create a growing suspicion, a growing horror..."I don't think I saw anyone in the drivers seat, but that can't be right. The engine just turned off, someone has to get out of the drivers seat now."

With movies, its pretty obvious. Which is why horror movies based off of Stephen King novels usually fall flat. Stephen King is excellent at the growing uneasiness of characters, the growing intensity of a situation. The Stand might be one of the most epic books I ever read (of course, I read the expanded version...nearly 1200 pages) and now I want to reread it. Because Stephen King is a genius.

Changing the subject slightly, you can tell that Ben Linus in Lost is evil because he hates Carrie by Stephen King:

[For more Lost/Stephen King connections, check out Lostpedia)]

So to sum up:

Stephen King = genuis

Lost Creators <3 Stephen King

I <3 Stephen King

Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook should do things like this

Apparently its old
, but I'm maintaining its a good one. There has been plenty written about it.

There's even a study that says facebook contributes to relationship jealousy. That even if you're happy and moved on with someone else, seeing an ex in the same state of bliss can lead to a resurgence of jealousy.

So Facebook? Remind us that we're about to do something harmful, to ourselves. Save us from ourselves.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I could watch TV with you forever

[some e cards]

[Remember: Valentine's Day is not the end all be all of anything. February 15th, however, is the end all be all of half price chocolate candy.]