Sunday, June 27, 2010

TiMER the movie! Romantic Comedy with slight sci-fi twist!

After I finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer earlier this month (thanks, Netflix Watch Instantly!) I felt like I desperately needed more Anya (Emma Caulfield). I didn't remember seeing her in anything else (ever) but had heard from various websites that she was in a new movie.

Fast forward to yesterday when I was surfing around the Netflix Watch Instantly selection (I swear they don't pay me, I'm just extremely happy with the watch instantly service on my Wii) and I found the movie: TiMER.

With a slight sci-fi quirk, its possible to know when you meet your soul mate. The question is never, "Is the TiMER accurate?" during the movie, but, "Should you know and plan your life around this? Are you ready to make this the most important part of your life?"

It isn't the best movie ever, but it was pretty enjoyable. Emma Caulfield is about as delightful as can be. Desmond Harrington (Quinn from Dexter) as guy-who's-incredibly-sad-about-dead-wife is kind of boring, but he's not in it much. I especially liked the relationship between Oona (Caulfield) and her stepsister Steph (Michelle Borth). I wish I could find a clip of the two sisters interacting, because it is absolutely adorable.

All in all? A pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon when everyone else is watching the US lose in the World Cup. 

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