Thursday, October 23, 2008

No one watches Mad Men

Apparently, no one is watching one of the best shows on television. I'm at fault, too; I don't have AMC so I can't view it when it comes on Sunday nights. I watch it a few days later by streaming the video.

Thus I ask, or beg, AMC, please. Put this show online. I will watch the advertisements, support the show, if only you will let me. I rented it when it was available at the video store. I talk about it with people at work, on the phone, and now, on my blog. Do us a favor and hop on the online streaming bandwagon. Everyone's doing it.

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Jenny Christie said...

I don't watch this show, but I have friends that do. Am I justified in saying that I am completely OK with my life if I NEVER watch this show OR if they cancel it? I feel like TV, while wonderful in all its technological glory, is just one more representation of the big pile of crap that accumulates along the proverbial road of my life. One more great show is like pop culture cancer...I'm currently trying to beef up on my antioxidants and phytochemicals, if you can't already tell.