Monday, October 20, 2008

Banks are not the enemy

I am almost sad to close my account at the University of Illinois Employees Credit Union. Their location on campus had made it easy to withdraw and make deposits. I never really had any strange fees from them, and the one time I became overdrawn they forgave the charge. They forgave the $5 charge for the debit card when I explained I was going to close the account and hadn't used my debit in more than a month.

When do you get that kind of understanding from a bank?

I am also happy with the HSBC savings account. With better interest rates than you can get from a brick and mortar institution, they also rebate ATM fees. That was a pleasant surprise after being hit every time I go to an enemy ATM.

Just a shout out to banks who haven't wrung me out for all the money I am worth.

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