Friday, January 2, 2009

TV FAIL: Leaving Cancelled Shows Hanging

I just finished Veronica Mars. It isn't a season finale in which they leave things open ended; it is like there are missing episodes in the season. Nothing is resolved. It is like filming was halted once the show was put on the cancellation block.

Do shows owe it to their viewers to somewhat tie things up?

This is a concern as Pushing Daisies has also been lined up for cancellation. Part of the problem is that even I've stopped watching it.

Do shows owe it to the faithful to tie things up, or is it punishment for not spreading the word and getting other people to watch?

Another show that comes to mind that left everyone (who watched it) hanging was Dead Like Me:

This had no ending either. It was like they had been halted before they could finish filming the season.

But there's a new box set coming out, with new episodes of what happens to the characters in the future! Did they feel bad for us? Or did they think enough of us had gathered, raised a stink, and they could finally make money off of their viewer? Why not do this sooner?

There are also tentative future plans for Veronica Mars.

Do television shows have a responsibility to keep us happy even though we have not been as loyal viewers as we should have been? Or by keeping us hanging, are they hoping that we'll complain to the studio or the network to keep them on or put them back on air, a la Family Guy?

Whatever reason, it isn't cool.

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