Thursday, January 15, 2009

So Roger Ebert Is My Faves...

I didn't know that this interview existed until I was looking for the Rod Blagojevich clip from the Daily Show. He's such a nice guy to the people he reviews badly, completely separating them from their (terrible) work. He's my faves

I used to watch movies and then immediately read the Ebert review. I don't watch as many movies, but I still trust his opinion more than others. For one thing, he's funny, and a second, he takes movie reviewing pretty seriously. There are some reviews that are so lovely that I've read them over and over and over again.

Now he doesn't just have his own movie review website but a blog! Where he responds to people who comment! What a great guy!

I've only met him twice (once I sold him a payday at the Overlooked Film Fest in 2005, and then a few days later had a conversation with him about Bollywood in a group) but he's still one of my fave people. I just wish he would write in his blog more!

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