Thursday, January 8, 2009

The New Killers Album Is Kinda Lame

Okay, so I'm late, but that's mostly because no one told me there was a new Killers album out. Now that's I've had a chance to listen to it...meh.

The lyrics have made me go Wha? in the manner of an Oasis song. I know that The Killers are smart people, so this can only be on purpose. Apparently the lyrics are so strange that people have been having trouble deciphering the single so this Youtube video explains exactly what the fuck is going on:

Christ, really? Someone took time to make a video explaining the lyrics? Can't we all just go to Songmeanings and be done with it?

Ugh. I could only make it through some of the video that patronizingly says exactly what is going on in the song. What's really sad about this whole debacle is I love their B-Side album. Oh well.

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