Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quote John McCain Unquote

I didn't know until the debates that people over 60 knew about the air quote gesture! Thank you, John McCain, for proving me wrong.

Six days out and I'm sick of this election. John McCain is wearing on me. Sarah Palin has annoyed me since early September and that has festered into a deep hatred. I'm not alone. But this is not a reason not to vote. Neither is complacency in the polls. We can not have four years of an air quoting John McCain Wonkette featured this video as a public service announcement.

It doesn't matter if we're all for Obama (to use their words) "so deep in the tank that most of [us] have drowned." Don't you want to be able to tell people that you voted to elect the first black president of the United States?

Also, don't you want to leave work early to airquote vote unquote despite having done so ealier that day, or three weeks before to start drinking?

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