Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mad Men post: 2 in 1 (Conservativism explained by Mad Men, Mad Men on SNL)

This is my all time favorite scene from Mad Men. Most conservatives today just want to get back to the period that is being played out in the show. Peter Campbell, almost certainly a conservative who didn't want Kennedy elected, wants to get back to a time that existed about 60 years before that. Conservatives just want to get into the unreachable past.

Mad Men, desperate to bring its ratings up, had two seperate skits on SNL. This is the funnier one:

I also read What Would Don Draper Do? I hope Mad Men doesn't pull an Arrested Development and get early cancellation. Basically, Don Draper is the biggest badass, despite all his identity issues. Peggy is pretty much the second biggest badass. Girl has her own office! Only woman in the whole office that gets to call the men by their first names! Snaps!

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Claire said...

Thank you so much for reminding me about Mad Men! WOooooo