Monday, October 27, 2008

Dr. Pepper is annoying me

This is the Dr Pepper can I grew up with. It s nice, simple, and instantly recognizable.

After many years of this design, Dr Pepper decided to make a change. As an adamant Dr Pepper drinker, people were concerned with my reaction to this new design.

I really didn't care all that much. They kept the maroon, the simplicity, and decided to go with a new marketing campaign.

It's a little old fashioned, a little darker, but hey, it is still nice looking.

That leads me to this monstrosity:It is supposed to be modeled after a football. It just looks ugly. Seriously, what part of anyone thinks this is a pleasing thing to consume? Where was the marketing department? I understand that Dr Pepper has some sort of promotion with football, but really. Please stop marketing this as "Limited Edition Football Can Inside!" when I purchase my drug of choice.

Let's revert to the New Old Can once more, please Dr Pepper?

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