Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An open letter to Megan McCafferty:

Dear Megan McCafferty,

I absolutely loved Sloppy Firsts. I read it over and over again, and then it was stolen by my sister who read it over and over again. It was part of the reason I started running at night.

When I read Second Helpings, I was supposed to be studying for my AP American History test. Not just any test, but the actual AP part -- I blamed your book for getting me a three on the test. We studied at Barnes and Noble, I saw it, and then I didn't study the rest of the night. Didn't sleep either. Too busy Reading Second Helpings.

But really, Charmed Thirds killed me. College was not written well. Perhaps because before, there was only a year or so documented at a time. Now, several years pass. It didn't seem well planned. I didn't really get to know any of the characters too well before they disappeared.

I read Fourth Helpings but can't seem to remember it.

And now, Jessica Darling comes back, even after I've read one of the books and can't remember it well enough to think about what happened.There's MORE? Jessica, who was so full of life, lost her brightness. Let her rest. She deserves it. Think up someone new. Perfect Fifths will disappoint me. I will read it, but i will not buy it. I'm sure other people will, and that's why there is still this market to sell it.

But take it from me: I am tired of this ghost of Jessica Darling. Put the poor girl to rest, give her a happy ending.

With Love,

A huge fan of the first two books

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