Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My biggest media pet peeve

This has been my biggest media pet peeve of the year: the ongoing story Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The media latched onto the story when there was a "pregnancy pact," but never bothered to correct the perception that some of the 18 girls did not want to get pregnant, and it was just something the principal said. He could never prove it, and its generally been denounced. However, the denouement never got as much media play.

I still point to this as a perception that these girls wanted to get pregnant, therefore the school's conservative policy on birth control (much to the chagrin of some who work there) still can stand. These girls wanted to get pregnant, therefore condoms aren't much use to them! Even if I'm reading too much into it, that is how it has been taken by abstinence only outlets:

"Hello. We’re talking about girls who wanted to get pregnant. Is it so difficult to notice that girls who want to get pregnant are not victims of supposedly prudish culture that won’t teach children the truth about sex and give them condoms?"

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