Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain-Palin bring Ayers out of the woodwork

It was bound to happen. I mean, if my name was tossed around in the media like his was, I'd certainly start talking.

The deal: he and his wife did some highly illegal things, but due to the fact the FBI used illegal measures to capture them meant a lot of the evidence was thrown out. What was he supposed to do, say, "I understand you were doing illegal things to capture me, I'm going into prison voluntarily!"

He and his wife put their life back together and assimilated into normal reforms. Deal with it. Life sucks, the criminals don't get punished and innocent buildings were bombed. They repented by trying to change the education system and siutation for families, respectively.

And apparently, he doesn't have much else to say in this article called, "What could I possibly add?"

Funny moment of the article is when a research assistent describes him as a "really nice guy."

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