Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sales is the devil's work

I hate selling. I really do. As someone who has moderate anxiety around social situations, selling is a bit of a nightmare. You have to be forward, confident and bend over backwards helpful to close the sale. You have to relate with the customer, inform them, and lure them into your lair.

This is not to say that I am not good at it. For this week, despite only being part time, I am the sales leader of my store.

But I hate it. Usually when I'm good at something, I like it. Because I'm good at it. It is easier because I know I'm going to succeed.

Not with sales. You can have bad days. The world can have a bad day and no one wants to listen to your spiel. And you're tired too -- you might be sick and couldn't call in because retail doesn't allow for that, or have worked too much because sales jobs are not the best paying in the world.

The uncertainty is a killer. You may be praised. You may be scolded. You may do "okay" but not great.

Selling also has to do a lot with appearance. Attractive people sell more. Well dressed people sell more. Its hard (barring just wearing nicer clothes and makeup) to raise your overall attractiveness level.

Sometimes I don't feel like selling, either. I just want to sit here and talk to the customer about how addictive Twilight is, and instead I'm dragging them through a loyalty program. "If you like Twilight, which I assure you, you will, you'll have to get New Moon! That's more savings! And then Eclipse isn't coming out in paperback until May! You're going to need to buy that too!"

Its a weird time for this rant, mostly because last night I did better than I ever have. But it still sucks. Sales will suck out your soul and try to sell it at a profit. I would take a hit on my wages if it meant I didn't have to sell.

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