Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Most Popular Post - Facebook Gold Accounts Hoax

My visitor numbers have recently spiked pretty drastically. They are all going to one post- which I wrote after someone tagged me with a picture that said something to the effect of "This requires a Facebook Gold Account to view."

Rather than ask the person who tagged me what was up, I googled "Facebook Gold Account" frantically. Nothing of substance came up. I still didn't ask the person who tagged me in the suspect photo. Mostly, I didn't want to appear behind the times. Instead, I took to my blog in a "WTF???" post.

Since then the post has been edited to say, "EDIT: Just an elaborate hoax. No jumping sharks here."

It is my (tiny) contribution to the internets, I suppose. I felt like the hoax should have been over the second I knew the truth, but it seems as though most people are being secretive about this. After all, my post is the only relevant item in the first page of Google Searches.

What is the point, anyway, of creating a Facebook hoax? It caused me confusion, wondering when I had ever danced in front of a camera as the caption indicated. I even blogged about the wonder. But that was it. I didn't delete my facebook account, I didn't wonder for hours on end, and I didn't untag myself from the picture. When it was explained by the person who tagged me, she seemed almost embarrassed she had done it. So what's the point?

[Edit: What made my curiosity go away? My friend admitted that she just created an album full of "This requires a Facebook Gold Account to view" pictures and tagged a bunch of people. Hoax.]


Anonymous said...

May I just say that you didn't explain what actually satisfied your initial curiosity. You were tagged in a photo that said you needed a Facebook Gold account to view. Did your friend just post an album full of the same "you need a facebook gold account to view" image? Was his/her account hacked?

Anonymous said...

i think people get some entertainment out of making hoaxes, arrogant narcissists who think that making people believe that stuff makes them superior.
i think anyone who acknowledges is HEAPS LOL

Anonymous said...

You should have just swallowed your pride and hit up your Facebook Gold friend for an invite. Instead you're spreading misinformation on the interwebs cause you got snubbed. That is pretty sad.

StevenJames said...

Facebook Gold is LAME if you prefer not to know who's been lurking on your page and want to see some of the ads.

I am maybe going to switch back to regular because it's messing with me that one of my friends(more of an aquaintance) keeps going to my page and I don't really want to ask them what's up.