Friday, February 6, 2009

The 25 things about me Facebook Meme

Random shit about me:

1. I kept a detailed journal between the time I was 14 and 20. Its excruciating to look at now. Thanks to password protecting and computers, this never "fell into the wrong hands" or embarrassed me in front of people.
2. My favorite band is Blur. My senior year of high school, I had five dreams about them in some capacity.
3. I am a great re-reader of books. I have read the Little House on the Prairie series at least 30 times. I have read the first Harry Potter at least 20 times. I have read Wicked at least 15 times.
4. To my sisters: I didn't spill the paint. For serious.
5. I stopped watching Power Rangers when I was ten but began again when I was 13 because one of the Rangers (Zane who was from another planet) was gorgeous. Probably my most embarrassing crush ever.
6. I moved to DC with many of my friends assuming I was going to be staying in Illinois. Anyone who didn't talk to me May-August 2008 has been a little shocked.
7. When I was five, I got really sick with kidney problems. My teacher thought that my parents were going through a divorce and that's why I constantly ran a fever. She was only eight years off.
8. Before I shower, I have to brush my teeth. It feels gross to have one part of me dirty while the rest is clean.
9. I have played video games since I was three. To me, there's nothing like a good day of playing The Sims, Zelda, or Animal Crossing.
10. I started this blog because I was jealous of my boyfriend, Dan's blog. He deleted his. Mine has (embarrassingly) lived on.
11. Most of the things that are cool about my cat, his name (Captive Willy) and the fact that he fetches, were bestowed upon him by roommates.
12. I talk in my sleep. The first time I heard this, a friends mom told me I was shouting in my sleep, counting down in a low voice, and then shouting, "No, no please! Don't! I'll be good!" My parents used to count down to the time they would spank me and my sisters if we were still upstairs at number one.
13. When I was five, on the way home my dad and I would stop to get orange sherbet cones from McDonalds. Halfway through, mine would be melting all over my hands and we would switch cones. McDonalds doesn't have orange sherbet anymore.
14. I gain weight when I am relatively happy and lose weight when I am depressed. I do not "eat my sadness".
15. My new year's resolution was to not reread any book this year. So far, so good.
16. My favorite movie is Me and You and Everyone We Know
17. Teevee shows I am current on: Psych, Bones, Medium, Battlestar Galactica, The Office, 30 Rock, Ghost Whisperer, Lost and Grey's Anatomy. Yes, this embarrasses me too.
18. Google Reader has revolutionized my life.
19. I am a huge Dr. Pepper addict. I promote the drink so much that the company should start paying me a yearly salary. I mean it. If you are with Dr Pepper PR, lets talk.
20. I can't remember the funniest joke I ever made, and neither can the person I told it to. I can tell you when and where it happened: Prom Night, senior year, in my friend Amina's room. This would be the time I would go to if I could travel through time.
21. I wish I could draw well. Or had good handwriting.
22. My parents are younger than Barack Obama but their youngest child is six years older than their oldest.
23. I hold long, intense grudges.
24. I am afraid of heights, mostly because when I am going down stairs or near a ledge, all I can picture is me falling, over and over and over again. Its an unpleasant experience to imagine yourself getting hurt all because you are up high.
25. Things I miss about home: my friends, my family, Dos Reales, Quatros, Makanda, Blue Sky Winery, Turbocat, and DON TACO.

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