Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Buying and Not Buying A Pocket Moleskin

I have started making notes for NaNoWriMo on scrap pieces of paper. Mostly at work, when there's lots of time to think. The standard advice for any writer is to carry around a notebook with you, because you never know when inspiration might strike.

I do have a notebook, one with the map of NYC that a friend gave me in high school. It fits quite nicely into my bag and, perhaps because of this, I've yet to jot an idea into it. Why would this be?

When I have the bag, a lot of the time I'm walking somewhere. Or riding the metro, where I'm reading the paper and doing the crossword. At the apartment I work at, I have a computer to make notes.

But at work, I don't have a place to put this notebook where I can have ready access to it. It doesn't fit into my apron, or pocket. Thus, the scrap pieces of paper. Work is where I have the most ideas (I have made a couple of to do lists and an outline) and scrap paper is always available. So why buy a pocket notebook when I have scrap paper?

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