Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lesbian Character Axed from Grey's Anatomy: Isaiah Washington is PISSED!

The big buzz on Grey's Anatomy was that there was going to be a lesbian couple. Oh snaps, really? Of course, the above scene displays how this would go perfectly: lesbians kiss while the creepy guy (think the audience) watches. Voyeuristic, no?

Now, the lesbian couple has broken up and one half has completely and unceremoniously disappeared. It's as though cardio-thoracic surgery is full of people who don't know how to say goodbye.

It's called an "organic storyline" by ABC, but it seriously sucks. And I'm not just talking about the fact that they had one lesbian couple and they got axed within seven episodes. I'm talking about the storyline. It was bad. It got to be the most boring parts of the show. And uncomfortable. Not because of the homosexuality, but lack of it. Callie Torres resisted being bisexual from the start. It was pitiful. Girl is not ready to date women. So stop forcing her to, okay? Characters can't always do what you want.

So they have her sleep with Mark continually throughout her being with Erica Hahn. That's apparently the compromise when you have a character who isn't ready to dive into the vag: "Hey, now you can sleep with both!"

And because of this, the excellent character of Erica Hahn is dropped. Isaiah Washington is understandably pissed. But this isn't (too much of) an example of homophobia on Grey's Anatomy's or ABC's fault...they just don't understand what to do with gay characters when they get them.

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Claire said...

OMG I am only in Season 3. Callie is bi?!