Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama SmarTrip Cards

Let's just start this off with a GOD FUCKING DAMMIT. I finally bought a SmarTrip card last week, which makes the running through the station extra easy. But now there are rumors of a special Obama SmarTrip card, and I wish I had waited.

DCist writes that they'd be $10 per card with no amount on the card when you get it, making them effectively $5 more expensive than the regular old SmarTrip card.

I'm not spending ten extra dollars just so I can have a card with Obama on it though. Hopefully WMATA will use the extra money made from these to fix all the escalators. Seriously, a broken escalator is a big deal... that's a lot of steps to walk up.


Diana Venable said...

Why do people complain about the escalators breaking down when they are always running and walking up and down on the Escalators even when they are running properly. why are the people complaining if they are working you are not appreciate any way.

Celia said...

1. Not everyone walks up/down the escalator when they are working properly, but it is nice to have that option. Sometimes people are in too much of a rush to just stand and wait.

2. Escalators being broken during rush hour creates a huge bottleneck and the busiest stations downtown, specifically foggy bottom and Farragut North in recent memory.

3. If Metro wanted to get rid of escalators and replace them with stairs, fine. But they don't give that option. Its all escalators, at pretty much every station.