Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Real Story isn't how early Valentine's Day stuff went on sale....

I wrote previously about how early the Valentine's mess appeared. Look at the date. I wrote that on January 5th. And I'm pretty sure I saw stuff before then, it just took me awhile to get the post up.

And now, days and days before the actual day, we're already getting advice on how to cope when single.

We all get it. Valentine's Day is silly. Are those articles recycled year after year? I doubt anyone would notice, because they are all exactly the same. Yet people are still upset. Depressed over a holiday. I've only been in a relationship for one Valentine's Day, but other than, "Oh, that's too bad" it hasn't been a big deal.

Don't let a holiday ruin your week. Acknowledge that either you're taking it too seriously or you've got other underlying problems.

And stop clogging my Google Reader with this madness!

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