Monday, January 19, 2009

"Packing your patience" or, how to not go crazy with all the people jammed into one place

I am generally annoyed at tourists right now for interrupting my flow. Its hard not to be. But today, before leaving to commute to work, I remembered one crucial fact about all these tourists: they are here because they love Barack Obama. Just like me.

So I tried not to be huffy when they walked four wide on a sidewalk at a pace I'd personally call "slothlike". And I was super polite when I told a woman, "In DC, its stand right, walk left." I even apologized to someone because they were on the wrong platform to go downtown.

Or pissed that the people living near me are clearly having people over and they are partying.

We are all celebrating Barack Obama. In the days following the election, I would get teary-eyed for no particular reason except I was thinking, "I cannot believe that Barack Obama is our president-elect."

That's totally happening again. So I'm trying not to ruin that effect for anyone else. Its my new president resolution.

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