Friday, January 23, 2009

OMG Wii Fits!

I wish I didn't work so much on certain days so that I could play video games to my hearts content. This is especially true of my birthday present, the Wii Fit.

So after a day of not playing, I step onto the Wii Fit, prepared to work out. It weighs me and then questions why I have gained a pound since the last time I weighed in two days ago.

Ummm, Wii Fit, I don't know. Any number of reasons. Water weight. Oreos. Laziness. I didn't play the day before. Was sick at work with a fever. Its a pound. Any of these things could have contributed.

Otherwise, the Wii Fit and I got along swell. It told me that my actual age was 23, which I will be in about two weeks. We got to Hula Hoop together and beat Dan's score for the soccer ball heading. Awesome.

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