Friday, November 7, 2008

NaNoWriMo woes

I'm about three thousand words behind. Now my document is full of author notes for later revisions, so some of the words aren't actually the novel. They are points to be made later. I got back to basics and at the beginning of the document wrote out a description of the main character and the main suspect. I haven't met any other perpetrators or accomplices, but I'm trying to figure out exactly who they are so that I can write character descriptions and figure out how the main character meets them.

These are probably things I should have done before.

This is harder than I thought. This is even harder than when I attempted it as a sophomore in high school. (I eventually finished it, but I have no idea where it is now.) I'm discouraged. More than I thought I would be. But I think I'm going to (for now) continue with it.

Hopefully this weekend I will catch back up. I remember when this began, I was sure I'd be over the limit. You live and learn.

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