Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dr Pepper: Still the best

A week or two ago, I bought a twelve pack of Dr. Pepper from the CVS on Dupont Circle. All of the cans inside were misshapen, several so much so that it was difficult to drink from them.

After a few days of grumbling, I sat down to write the Dr. Pepper contact team. Despite guides on customer service action telling me that if I wanted them to listen, I should write an actual letter, or at least call, I simply filled out a form online, telling them all the information I had.

Yesterday, I received a letter:

Thank you for contacting us about Dr Pepper Regular. We do apologize for the problem you experienced with our packaging.

We take great pride in producing high quality products and any experience to the contrary is cause for concern. Please be assured that high quality control standards and precautionary procedures are observed throughout the production of our products.

To ensure that appropriate action is taken to prevent future incidents such as yours, we have forwarded your comments to our quality assurance team for investigation.

We hope you continue to purchase and enjoy Dr Pepper products.


Customer relations

(*Enclosure: 1 Dr Pepper Free 12 Pack

So, snaps. I have hardly ever received anything free from Dr Pepper, despite the fact that I've been drinking it like a madwoman since I was itsy bitsy.

The last time I complained to a company it was while I was working retail. David's Sunflower seeds didn't have the perforation to properly hang, so how was I supposed to display them? Okay, I used a hole punch, but still, I complained to let them know there was something going wrong in their manufacturing process. I didn't receive anything free, but I didn't expect to; after all, I didn't buy anything.

Overall, I'm satisfied, even though the undrinkable cans bummed me out.

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