Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All Roads Lead to Hypocrisy -- Banksy Edition

I discovered I enjoyed the work of Banksy through Blur's Think Tank album. Even this might be considered part of the hypocrisy, but whatever. The hypocrisy stems from the fact that Banksy himself is critical of commercial culture. It drives a lot of his work. The idea is that grafitti has a low barrier to entry. Anyone can do it. Its low cost and low return.

However, Banksy enjoys commercial success. I assume that he was reimbursed for his work on Think Tank (and subsequent single Out Of Time), or for the work used in one of Gorillaz' videos.

And I could deal with that, because I assumed Damon Albarn had contacted Banksy in some capacity and shown admiration for his work.

But I suppose he took it a step far when he released a book. Ridiculous. You can receive his pictures for free all over the net. Why put out a book?

Oh yeah, to receive commercial success. Which you are against. Way to be a revolutionary, douchebag.

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