Monday, October 6, 2008

Today's Nostalgia: Cupcakes

There is a phenomena that I was unaware of until subscribing to blogs about Washington, DC. This phenomena is cupcakes.

Cupcakes are delicious. There is no arguing that. They bring back warm memories of birthdays in school. But was is especially interesting about the cupcake from the bakery is that for one or two dollars more, you can make you own cupcakes and have 24 of them! With very little energy expended!

Numbers like that make you think you can open up your own cupcake shop.

However, there is a distinction between cupcakes and other baked goods that city people like:

  1. They are relatively cheap
  2. They are calorically cheap
Other pastries my cost you $4 and be 700 calories. This little guy will cost you $2 and 200-300 calories. This means that people are paying NOT to have the extra 23 cupcakes hanging around; with that many cupcakes chillin' around, you are bound to have four or five in the first hour after they are out of the oven. By comparison, the tiny baked good with its ready to-go package seems less taxing on your mindset.

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