Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back when the "Bridge to Nowhere" was a political Fun Fact!

Remember the days when mentioning the now infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" wasn't construed as an attack on Sarah Palin but instead a comment on Congress?

I got a flash of what that was like while catching up on season 3 of bones. During an episode called "Baby in the Bough" the two main characters, Dr. Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth are in West Virginia, a place that has been forgotten by the government after the bridge to their town from the highway collapsed.

Brennan remarks that there is no tax base there to get the money to fix the bridge to a local resident. Later, however, she has a change of heart, saying she'll get in touch with her friends in Congress. When Booth questions her, flinging her previous words at her, she says, "They found the money to build a Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska!"

Just as an aside, within Wikipedia's disambiguation, there are eleven different listings that could be termed a "Bridge to Nowhere." Check it out here.

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