Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Limited Addition Woodchuck -- You Are Delicious

I love cider to begin with, but this stuff is just delicious. Like regular Woodchuck, but cinnamon-y. Every time I've drank one (we're on our second six pack), I am both happy because it is so delicious but sad, because it is merely seasonal.

That's right, after this month it will go away for the next 11 months. Is there a way to make this a year round thing? What would I have to do to have this all the time?  Do I have to buy another pack of it? Do I have to tell more people about it? Tweet about it? Write letters about it? As it is, the Giant down the street hasn't been regularly carrying it...and it hasn't been available at the Costco.

Seriously. Having this available year round would be awesome. Someone make that happen.

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