Thursday, May 13, 2010

This blog does not have an existential crisis

I was walking to the metro after work today and thinking about the purpose of me keeping this blog. After all, when I started I was underemployed with a lot of time on my hands. Two, three posts a day!

Now, I'm lucky to get one in a week. But even with the tiny output, this blog still helps me think critically. Reading, I'm on constant lookout for a good quotation. I'm always listening or on the lookout for a good video. A good soundbite. Interesting advertisements. Or formulating general angst. Even if I don't post about it.

I'm also equipped for Adsense on this blog, and now am an Amazon Associate. Am I going to make money? No. Over the past two and a half years, I am a tenth of the way on Google Adsense to making enough to actually have a check. It doesn't hurt to try, no? Plus, its supposed to be super easy to use the Amazon Associates, which will be nice sense I almost have posted on several books and gave up when I couldn't find a decent picture of the book. (Also, I assume that Google is making money, however little, off of being able to put ads on my site. Especially if they don't have to pay me.)

So this blog continues to exist. I want to post more.

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El-Gee said...

yes, post more pls! i like this