Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dreaming (of social media) [Isn't this the sign of addiction?]

Last night I dreamed (this is the bizarre banal boring part) that I was back in Illinois and I drove to eastern Missouri to see Okkervil River play. In a Costco.

The concert was great and afterward, in the frozen food aisle, I met Will Sheff and then he impromptu-ly sang an acoustic song. This song:

[All of that is incidental to the real part of the story I wanted to tell. Sorry for wasting your time thus far.]

So all this is great, right? I pull out my phone and tweet, "OMG Just met Will Sheff."

[If I had been my normal self, I would have tweeted something more like "Just met Will Sheff in the frozen food section of Costco. Contemplating how cheap those petit quiches are.]

Immediately I get a response, which is a video of the performance I just saw thirty seconds ago.

They say you can't read in dreams, but I've noticed more and more that I'm typing in dreams, I'm texting, I'm reading blogs. I'm - of all things facebooking.

Isn't that the sign of addiction? When you're checking your email in your dreams? Checking up on the latest in Facebook?

Or when you immediately take to twitter in dreams to brag about how awesome your life is? And wake up and realize, huh, my life is average.

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suzanne78704 said...

Hahahaha, thanks for sharing...I've had dreams in which I'm kissing Will Sheff, yes, I'm addicted, too!