Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Cereal Bowl : Partial Review

So all over the DC blogosphere, there has been hate on the newest Cleveland Park restaurant, The Cereal Bowl. The Anti DC laments the inherent douchiness of $4 cereal bowls, 14th & U exclaims that it is sillier than $4 cupcakes (interestingly, the Cereal Bowl sells tiny cupcakes for $1.25), Wonkette hammers home that Cleveland Park is the land of the yuppies... there just has been an overall distaste to the whole idea.

There's another store just like it I remember hearing about in Chicago called Cereality. So either the Cereal Bowl or Cereality is stealing ideas. But I digress.

I wanted to try this place out, because there is a place that I fit into between, "Oh my god that is ridiculous" and "I have to come to terms with how this can exist as a real place in the universe."

I perused their website and decided that if I ever were to go to this abomination (not to be confused with Obamanation, which we all live in now) I would get an oatmeal smoothie. Because it is too hard for me to come to terms with $4 cereal and maybe I will fare better with a $5 smoothie. We Love DC said that in honor of the Capitals game tonight, people wearing red get 10 percent off, so.... that's good enough for me.

I ordered a Berry Banana Smoothie. Or maybe it was a Banana Berry Smoothie. Its hard to tell, because their menu is all automated and electrical, and cycles through different things, so you can't see all the items actually offered at once.

The workers were nice. Very friendly, especially since DC is where customer service goes to die.

So there was a tiny oatmeal taste, but as you can see, I was so busy drinking it that I couldn't take a picture fast enough. I enjoyed it. Its hard to be hard-hearted against something that tries as hard as The Cereal Bowl. After all, its pretty likely that no one will show up, it'll go out of business, and something else will move in...later. Or maybe the Palm Beach Tan place will totally bring in the people with cash to burn on silly things.

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