Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OMG CNN Please stop filling my head with redundant info!

CNN has been catching flack for talking about Palin vs Letterman June '09 rather than the Iran election and subsequent violence.

Above is another piece of non-news. It isn't even news like Dick Cheney coming out in favor of gay marriage in a total flip flop. Republicans coming out in favor of gay marriage is very near to news.

But Melissa Ethridge in favor of pot legalization? Who didn't think she was for this? Who looks at that headline and says, "WHAAAAT? I have to read that!"

'Cause we know this. Pop culture inferences tell us this. We don't need this news, especially from you. You are supposed to be news. Or whatever. You are supposed to fill my head with some kind of knowledge, not shit I already know.

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