Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jealousy: I haz it

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Kicking around story ideas in my head for the past two months (!!!!) has been a little exhausting. I have two word processing documents that start two stories. Each document is about a page long.

One features an awesome dog named Lucy. The other has a motorcycle. I want to write you both. I really do, but I work 45 hours a week. The blog, which takes half an hour a day (tops..mostly maybe ten minutes) has suffered.

All of this happened and I get word (via twitter and her website) that Marissa from The Anti DC that she has quit her part time sex shop peddling to focus on fiction.


Although if we all think about it, I will likely spend one hour a day (tops) writing and approximately six hours watching telly and playing videos games and three catching up on the google reader.

I get that if I want to write, I should probably write for an hour sometime after I get home from work and sometime before I go to sleep. There's about four quality hours that somehow get lost between dinner, television, and reading. I get that most full time bloggers supporting themselves with their writing first were working a full time job plus their full time blogging before they were able to switch. I get it.

I just don't know where they get the time.

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