Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Perfect Fifths: I'm still freaked out

I'm subscribed to Megan McCafferty's blog and to lead up to the release of Perfect Fifths, she's been running "10 Things You Need To Know" about it.

I wrote about this ages ago. I loved Sloppy Firsts and Charmed Seconds. Loved it. Read them each at least ten times. Charmed Thirds, however, was mediocre. And until I reread it, I wasn't really sure what Fourth Comings had been about.

The release date draws near. I haven't seen any copies around the store yet. I just want to look at it, to reassure myself. The only way I can think that this will be good is that the two bad books have one thing in common: no Marcus. For some reason, writing Jessica Darling without Marcus (and subsequently reading her) is laborious. So maybe it will actually be good.

But I'm a little scared. Like, 74 pages of CONVERSATION? Fifty-six Senryus??????? None of the other books are written this way. Let's take an example from Twilight series: Meyer changed the way the fourth book was written, and for that and other reasons, the fan base is deeply divided.

Anyway. The waiting continues.

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