Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Impressions and Second Impressions: Perfect Fifths

It had become a ritual for this week, even though I had been told that all the fiction totes had been gone through and no, no Perfect Fifths. I know to disregard this, so on Thursday, I saw they were listed in our computer. Three copies.

And by Saturday, they were shelved. I pulled one off the shelf for myself.

It is a slight book. Not that the others were big and fat, but they were substantial. This combined with the knowledge that 70-some pages are dialogue and then there is about a thousand senryus, well, there just isn't much story left, is there? Worryingly slight as a book. As a conclusion, its slim.

It sat behind me throughout work. I couldn't bear to read it at work. That isn't what it deserves. Plus, I was still finishing Bliss by Lauren Myracle (plus the downer ending).

I read a few pages on the bus home, and then this morning. I am through the third person portion, and through all the dialogue. Much better than the third and fourth books. Maybe the problem in those was Marcus was too far away? But I am most skeptical of this poetry, mostly because I am invested in prose. I do not write poetry. I am bad at understanding poetry. Why oh why would someone change their writing style for the fifth (and final) installment of a series?

Writers Note: I was originally going to write this post last night, sans the parts that I'd read, because I hadn't read them yet. So this is two posts that had been planned in my head: first impressions in the bookstore, then impressions midway through.

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