Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CNBC In Defense Mode!

Last night Jon Stewart ran a segment attacking Jim Cramer's advice about Bear Stearns right before it collapsed.

This whole media dogfight began when Jon Stewart aired a clip about how CNBC has been fucking up lately, and to top it off, Rick Santelli didn't show up for his interview.

In a retort, CNBC said that Rick Santelli pulled out because Jon Stewart seemed "Bizarrely obsessed" with Santelli. In my opinion, that was a bizarre way to respond, especially given now that Jim Cramer is whining about his treatment on the morning MSNBC show.

They complain because The Daily Show doesn't focus on Bush anymore. This makes them a target. Except that Jon Stewart has definitely made these kinds of segments about media characters before:

The above clip doesn't have Bush in it. Its the same style clip and the CNBC ones. And it was back in September. All about media commentators (with a small, 7 second clip of Palin at the end).

Perhaps Jim Cramer isn't used to media attacks the way Fox News is. This will all probably end the way the Letterman/McCain feud did; with someone from CNBC sitting down with Jon, or Jon going on one of these talk shows. Hopefully. Otherwise, things will be tricky at the annual GE/NBC Barbecue...

From Wonkette/Talking Points Memo

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