Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Animal Crossing, Or, I Guess I'm A Pedophile...

I'm a nerd. I play silly video games and get a tiny bit obsessed. In fact, I'm looking into purchasing my own copy of a game I've been renting, Animal Crossing.

But I'm 23 and according to this article I'm playing for the "wrong reasons". In other words, pervy reasons.

Except the only people I've played with online are my sister and a guy I knew in high school. We generally just ooh and aah over furniture and how nice their flower set up is. We swap items.

Don't get me wrong, if kids are essentially talking to strangers, yeah, they should be careful. But to say that an adult would have no reason to play this game, that's a little offensive. Like I must have an ulterior motive to play a game whose target audience is children.

As if I didn't feel weird enough.

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