Friday, November 14, 2008

Meg Cabot writes the Pep Talk

This week Meg Cabot writes the NaNoWriMo pep talk just for me:

Sure, it seems innocent enough. But the problem with doing this is that of course the new story always seems better than that old busted up, out-of-control story you’ve been working on for so long. That new story has the aura of dewy freshness to it. It’s calling to you! It’s all, “Yoo-hoo…look at me! I don’t have any plot problems and my characters are way-intriguing and some of them wear leather jackets and oh, yeah, you know that weird transition thing you’ve got going on near chapter four that you can’t figure out? I don’t have that!”

I have been thinking of a different story. I opened a separate Google Doc, typed a few ideas down, and then left it. But I think about it way more than I think about the other story when I'm not writing. It is calling me.

However, we are 14 days in. I'm already a little behind. I'm going to stick this out for 30,000 more words and then work on something else.

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