Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Connie Willis's Remake [Frankly, My Dear...]

From page thirty-eight of Remake:
"Frankly, my dear - I love you, too," Clark Gable said, and crushed her in his arms. "I've always loved you!"
 There's a knee jerk reaction to this, that they're fucking with literature and they should just leave it the hell alone. The happy ending comes at the price of meaning. And in some cases, yeah, okay, I get it. The ending to the movie for I Am Legend had that feel, yeah.

But changing the parts you don't like is what fan fic is all about. And maybe sometimes parts need to be changed. Maybe I want to change the end to Lost, because I hated the end and I knew what I wanted to happen with it, and it didn't.

In case you've forgotten the ending to Gone With The Wind:

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