Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wolf Parade - Little Golden Age [This Place Is The Machine That Put The Iron In Your Heart]

I've got to say, its starting to get weird when I listen to songs that aren't by someone in Wolf Parade. I've listened to "Yulia" about 200 times in the past week. A little obsessive, I know. (The only thing competing with Wolf Parade for brain space is how much of an asshole Rand Paul is.) Right now, the Wolf Parade part of my brain is completely focused on the song "Little Golden Age," seemingly about either a high school/college experience (partial lyrics follow):

"You lived in a place long, long ago

Where nothing moves, sometimes goes slow
And someone sang about a golden age"
 Sounds like high school or college to me. No one ever gets older, the students just get recycled every year.

"And you left town feeling pretty down
with your head phones and coat
and your dirty graduation gown
You were in the bedroom singing radio songs
 Sing loud, sing all night anyway
needed something to help you along "
The golden age comes to an end. The singer then says that:
"And I don't miss my little golden age
'cause the body takes the heart
takes the heart from place to place
But this place still stands
This place remains unchanged
And you can't go back
and who would want to anyway?"
So why miss the experiences when you carry them with you? And why long for a place that will never change, never grow into something new? There isn't much use in getting tied up in what was, because you can't go back to what you were.

Even though those times were awesome. Even if they were the best of your life. You just can't go back to it because while nothing else there changes, you have.


Anonymous said...

It might be obsessive, but I've listened to Julia about 300 times this week. Thanks for the song info, it's appreciated.

Snailentina said...

last night I saw them live and right before this song Dan said it was about how dangerous nostalgia can be and "as cheesy as it sounds, living in the now." Thought you might want to know you were dead on from a fellow WP obsessed being.

Celia said...

After all, this is "Yesterday's Obsession is Today's Nostalgia"

I am working toward seeing them live. As soon as possible.