Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Wish Someone Would Save Me [From Equilibrium]

There are often days, weeks, and months that go by, and I don't have to think about the only movie that I actively dislike that I've seen more than once.

That's right.


I hate this film so much. I hate it. I was bored, bored bored the entire time. I love Sci-Fi, but there I was, bored with the world of emotionless people, angry that someone that that making a movie with emotionless characters was a good idea.

[Yeah, I'm looking at you, Dollhouse. Good thing you tried to save yourself second season right before getting canceled.]

I mean, how is having a bunch of lame, feel-nothing characters a good idea? No amount of awesome effects is going to change how ambivalent I am.

But beyond that, I would be okay with this movie. I'd seen it once and that's good enough, now I can let go.

Except everyone loves this movie. My coworkers at the video store loved it. My roommate loved it. I think my dad loves it. I am constantly confronted, as a girl who like Sci-Fi, with either the recommendation or the movie night of Equilibrium.

Therefore, I've seen it three times, instead of once, and this burns me up inside. Every time I think about how I've gotten conned into see it, the anger simmers over.

So this is a warning: I hate that movie and I will explode in your general direction if you suggest watching it.

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