Friday, February 26, 2010

Frak it Friday - "Giving Up The Gun" by Vampire Weekend

Okay, I love Jake Gyllenhaal cameos and would really like a pair of red tights now, but seriously, Vampire Weekend, tennis? Some don't care for your music because you are oh-so rich and they think it shows up in your music.... and you go ahead and make rich person sport tennis part of your music video?

From the St. Petersburg Times about Vampire Weekend's first album:
At first listen, the boys in Vampire Weekend — four pasty Columbia U. sharps who dub their brainy brand of art-pop "Upper West Side Soweto" — come off like rich-boy villains in a John Hughes movie. They indulge in the well-read lyricism of privilege; they date soapy-smelling heiresses schooled at Middlebury.

I'm just saying. Don't become a stereotype.

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Marissa said...

OMG. That chick is holding the racket so wrong. Scarily wrong.

Yeah. Not a Vampire Weekend fan. It seems to me like they found some formula and that's why they sound the way the say. It all seems so image-based and superficial, like there's no soul or authenticity.