Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Cat Voice

In my family, we have a cat. And there is a certain voice that everyone uses when they are talking for him. Soak that in. We aren't talking to him. We're talking for him, and its sometimes about what idiots we are.

"Uh, you guys? Uhh-huh, you look stupid we're that."

There's a lot of "Uhhh. Huh-Huh," in these impersonations. But otherwise, the cat has perfect grammar.

Enter the LOLcat. For some reason, various members of my family don't understand this phenomena. Even though they've been doing a real life LOL variant. The cat calls us stupid, says he only cares about birds, and asks if he can sit next to us.

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LOLcats is just us doing our collective cat voice. Cats think we are stupid, but they also think that dogs, rabbits, and other cats are stupid.

Cat owners have taken over a section of the internet. Not cats; our vision of how cats are.

And maybe a little bit our vision of ourselves. After all, we feed, house, and comfort animals that have little regard. Who has the better deal; the cat who sleeps all day, has his food handed to him and doesn't have to do any work, or the "hoomin" who goes out 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, to work for both food and shelter for themselves and the free rider.

When you put it that way...hoomins are pretty dumb.

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