Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Attack of the Lawnmower!

[The good stuff in the video starts at the 1:45 mark. From the episode of Mad Men "Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency"]

You know how when you were a kid, people would well meaningly tell you about dangerous household items in hopes that you would take care around them?

I was afraid of lawn mowers when I was six because a guest to the classroom told us a story of a little kid getting their foot chopped off by one. The child was running behind it.

I was frightened of the deep freezer, because I was told that if you let it close on you, you would suffocate. Anytime I got anything out of the deep freezer, before I would let the door close I would run to the opposite side of the room. You know, to prevent me somehow getting sucked into it.

I refused to swim when my parents weren't home because I might drown. They themselves warned me of this, and to this day refuse to believe I didn't once take a dip while they were at work while I was stuck home, alone, with no air conditioning. [Not to digress, or anything]

And the above video? I guess it was the sixties, so no one warned them as children that lawnmowers are DANGEROUS DANGEROUS RUN AWAY!!!! [unless you are the one on it, of course] That is the moral of the above video.

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